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Walney School

Vision, Ethos and aims

Our school and our community are very special places.  We strive to ensure that students, staff and parents are all:

Proud of our achievements
Proud of our school
Proud of our community

Everything we do to achieve this is underpinned by our values that we want every student to achieve well, to feel fully included in the life of the school, to contribute fully to our thriving environment and most importantly to feel that they belong within the school:


  • We have high expectations of ourselves and others
  • We recognise and reach our full potential: to be the best we can be
  • Our contribution to the wider world through further education and employment is of value to our society


  • We are recognised as individuals – being respected and heard
  • We recognise others as individuals – being respectful and tolerant
  • Our school is a place we want to be, a place we want to learn


  • We contribute to our own learning experience; inside and outside the classroom
  • We recognise the value in our contributions to our community
  • Our role in providing for future generations is important to us


  • We behave in a way that shows we are proud of ourselves, our school and our community
  • We recognise that everyone has the right to feel safe and valued
  • Our community is proud of us


Vision & Values Powerpoint Presentation