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Student conduct

At Walney School, our vision is for every student to make the best possible progress in all aspects of school life and flourish as happy, well-rounded young adults upon completing their five-year journey with us. Behaviour within school is crucial to achieving this as everyone is responsible for creating a climate where all of our students can achieve their potential.

We believe that each student is entitled to a safe, calm and respectful environment in which to learn. Whilst we will not tolerate conduct which prevents this, we take a corrective approach to address any unwanted behaviours students may display. To achieve this, we have a clear, fair and effective behaviour policy that supports our ethos.

It is important to us that all staff, students and parents know and understand our behaviour policy, enabling consistency in approach when dealing with behaviour, and so that we all work together to maintain our high standards of conduct.

Below is a copy of our classroom behaviour policy.  This policy is applied with great care and professional judgement to ensure that what we do is right for the student and those in their lessons.

 Classroom Behaviour Policy