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Free School Meals

The allowance for a student who is entitled to free School Meals is £2.50, which is topped up on their revaluation accounts each day (biometric).

This can be spent in a variety of ways.                                                                                                               

Students can pre-order using the Fusion app which connects to their revaluation accounts for all the daily specials and grab bags.   This proves to be very popular with the students as they can pay whilst ordering, they get what they require and the queue is a lot smaller than the main servery.

Students can also use their allowance in the snack bar, where we serve an array of cold products from sandwiches to wraps and yoghurts, fruit and biscuits or they can go to the main servery and spend it on nutritionally balanced meal or hot snack.

Whether it’s the snack bar or the main servery students’ queue and pay by using their fingerprint/ biometric exactly the same way as all other students.  Monitors for sales are in both servery areas.

Please check out our menus on the website and have a chat with your son/daughter.  If your child is entitled to a FREE SCHOOL MEAL, please take it up.

The free school meal allowance can only be used as part of a nutritional meal at lunch time and cannot be used at break.  If your child would like to purchase a snack at break then you need to add funds to their account.

If your child’s meal at lunch exceeds £2.50 then again, you must add funds to your child’s account.

We pride ourselves on the food we produce at Walney School and as the quotation goes, “The proof of the pudding, is in the eating”.

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