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Walney School


At Walney School we offer an extensive range of extra-curricular activities for our students, both during the school day and after normal school hours. We believe that a wholesome school experience involves what goes on outside the classroom, as well as within it. Clubs and groups provide opportunities for students to develop new skills and interests, at the same time as making new friends who share similar interests.

What Clubs and activities do we offer?:

We are entirely guided by our students’ and teachers’ interests, so it may be easier to ask what we don’t offer! If you were to walk around school on a typical lunchtime, you might be surprised by the range of activities going on. From 5 aside football matches to theatrical antics in Performing Arts Club and from Pilates in Wellbeing Wednesday Club to book readings in Library Club, there really is something for everyone’s tastes. We have keen chess players in our midst and budding botanists, intrepid investigators and creative crafters.

Every student in the school has been consulted about what activities they would like to see offered and their ideas have informed our week to week extra-curricular timetable.  The offer is ever changing as well, with students able to propose a new group / activity at any point – very often new activities are added to the timetable, so it is important that students keep on checking availability!

Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is important to leaders. Time is set aside on the curriculum to develop pupils’ awareness of the world in which they live. A number of trips take place during the year to broaden pupils’ knowledge of different cultures. Pupils are encouraged to participate in charity events within the community. For example, pupils deliver hampers to the elderly and hold a party for them each January. As a result, pupils are prepared well for life in modern Britain. 

(Ofsted November 2018)